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DB2, DB port setting and 2nd database

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:41 am
by sanshao
Hi @all,

don't know if that's the right board and if it should not: moderators please move it into the right one and let me know.
As I am quite new to the Joomla! framework I need some people testing my new database handling and maybe extending it.

First change is a new possibility to use DB2 as a database. For that I modified the mysql.php file and converted it into DB2 style. Please have a look at TODOs, as there are some methods where I didn't know if they are really needed by DB2.

The next change is the possibility to set the database port in configuration as there might be people outside who don't use the default MySQL port 3306.

Last change is the optional setting for a second database which will be initialized by

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The file for DB2 is attached. For the other changes I have created a patch file for reviewing and modifing.

I hope those things can be helpful for some people here and my 1st contribution makes sense to others.