The missing apostrophe

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The missing apostrophe

Postby smodoh » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:38 pm

I've just spent an hour on this; hoping this post will save time for people with a similar issue!

I wanted to create a 'mailto' link for a name with an apostrophe. Nothing I could do would make it work. Being new to Joomla! I assumed it was a problem with permissions for html, so I tried all tried all combinations of the filtering options in Article Manager > Parameters. Still nothing.

Eventually I worked out that the wysiwyg editor does not like the humble ' (apostrophe) and just refused to show a link where the character was part of a name... so

Code: Select all

<a href="">Fred O'Brien</a>
just did not show.

the way I fixed it was to insert the character code

Code: Select all

like this:

Code: Select all

<a href="">Fred O&prime;Brien</a>

The funny thing is when I saved it it fixed thre problem, now when I go back to the code the extra "&prime; is missing - it's just showing the ' character. Sounds wierd but that's what happened.

Hopefully if you are scratching your head over this one, this will fix it for you.

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