Do we have an FAQ on Joomla! licensing?

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Do we have an FAQ on Joomla! licensing?

Post by AmyStephen » Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:50 pm

I have been searching (visually and with the search) for some type of 'easy to understand' information on Joomla! licensing. A community member had a question on licensing and I thought there was an FAQ that I could point out for him.

I see this but it is very high-level and I have read the GNU links, myself, but, that stuff is a bit complicated, especially for new folks.

If there is an FAQ, could someone point it out for me? Or, respond to the community member with it? It is probably immediately under this question and I am too dumb to see it, so, my apologies but I have looked for about a half an hour now and I cannot see it.  :P

I am not even certain this is the right place to ask questions about FAQs, so, please move this if it inappropriately placed.

Amy :)


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