How can I display an open RSS pheed in frontpage?

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How can I display an open RSS pheed in frontpage?

Post by mmurtha » Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:31 am


I was wondering if it is possible to display an open RSS pheed in the frontpage of my site.  The script that I wanted to use is called "RSS Gadget" by Niche Mania.  The script itself does not use a database, but it does have a configuration.php file included.  I figured I'd ask if this config file will interfere with the config file already used with the Joomla script before I messed with it too much.

The RSS Gadget is capable of showing news from Yahoo and MSN, plus affiliate products from CB and Amazon.  I have it on most of my other sites but these sites aren't as complicated as the Joomla sites and configuration.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any help I can get at this point.

Btw, is there anyone that installs outside scripts on Joomla sites?  If so, please let me know.



Edited be me - I found a plugin that works great.  I just wanted to let you know in case this comes up again that there is a module and plug-in combo called Jumi that willl parse php (and JavaScript, and allow you to suck in text files, HTML, and DHTML) at:- ... Itemid=123

This plugin is simple to use and works well.  Had it set up and ready to go in about 8 minutes.

Hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place...
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