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Site Development of Official Joomla Philippines partner site(

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 9:30 pm
by guilliam
ANNOUNCEMENT: all pinoy joomla community members!

this is to announce that our plans regarding the OFFICIAL Joomla Partner Site for the Philippines(planned and soon to be is now in session for discussion to all Filipino Joomla Community members(not just Filipino but expatriates and non FIlipino residing/based in the Philippines).

this is a volunteer project of all pinoys and pinoy-alike. so everybody's opinion, contributions and suggestions is hereby solicited. this project is pinoy community based driven, NON COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT. for those with commercial interest, this project is NOT for you. ;)

please see the thread/s for discussions and what to do's:

* Contributions to domain name needed
* General OVERVIEW of
* CURRENT status of:
* volunteers/staff/team members for development
* Filipino Translation Coordinator and members needed.

* other threads will be posted for discussions on the organization of the OFFICIAL Joomla Partner Site for the Philippines, please frequently check this announcement post for updates.

This thread currently locked for organizational and more substantial information. all dicussion, words of support, opinions, anything you have in mind-> can be made here:,37523.0.html