patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

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patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

Post by leeonn » Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:19 am

Hi! NewB aq sa Joomla! I made a website out of its pre-installed template (ja_purity), I’m running it on a local web development server only.. I’m using XAMPP to be specific.. I’m planning to launch the site any time from now but I really don’t know what to do first..

I just installed XAMPP on my desktop computer here in the office.. Does my desktop computer where I installed my local web dev’t server is not considered to be a web server? I mean, the one that I am going to use for the site’s launching. Do I really have to provide a server, a server aside from my local web dev’t server? What I mean is a unit that has a server specification? If I need to setup a web server can anyone here assist me with that? That’s my first problem.. Well actually, they do have a web server here but they can’t use it ‘coz it has a password and the one who maintains their website has been relieved a couple of months ago.

Secondly, I haven’t registered a domain name yet for the website, because my colleague told me that they would want to replace their old website with the one that I am working with now, they want to use their existing domain name. Does anyone here know how will I going to replace their website? Aside from that they would also want to change their web host. If I’ll be able to obtain their existing domain name to be used for the new site I’m planning to avail one of Rochenhost’s plan for web hosting. How will I going to determine which plan is appropriate for the site?

And for example, If I’ll be able to setup a web server how will I going to transfer/migrate the site from my desktop computer to that web server together with its database and everything that will make the site running?

Is it wrong that I made it in a local web dev’t server? Am I gonna start from scratch because I worked on the creation first before registering a domain name and/or availing a web hosting service? What am I gonna do now? I’m sorry If I posted a lot of questions here.. I just really don’t know what are the exact steps in making and publishing a website.. I hope anyone of my kababayan would be able to help me..

The site has to be launched ASAP.
Thanks in advance.. ;)

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Re: patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

Post by krisskross » Thu May 27, 2010 7:15 am

nalaunch na ba yung web site mo? pacencya kasi kababasa ko lng ng post mo...

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Patulong naman sa pag gamit ng Mass mail application

Post by dvx20 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:56 am

Kamusta? magtanong lang sana kung pano gamitin ang mass mail sa joomla 1.5? salamat ha bago lang kasi ako gumagamit ng Joomla

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Re: patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

Post by mod911 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:13 am

Quick TIPS:

Things You Need:
-domain name
-web host
-FTP client


1. First, finalize the domain name for your website. If your colleague wants to use the existing domain, let him know you gonna transfer it to your new web host.
2. Go to your webhost and sign-up for a new account. I would recommend this host: ... b4ce700984 because they are fast, reliable, lower rates with unlimited space and database. I have no problem with their hosting so far. This host offers lifetime domain name for your account, which means the domain name you are going to select or transfer is free. When you sign up, just select "Website Transfer", then select "I already own a domain (transfer clients) radio button......and continue....
3. When you have paid and signed up successfully, you will receive a confirmation email which contains login details for your CPanel (control panel) account. It will take few hours to propagate your new account, which means you cannot access it yet until the DNS nameservers are updated. But usually, an hour or so, you can login to your CPanel.
4. Go to "" (remove the ") and use the login details given to you.
5. Once logged-in, Find the "MySQL Database Wizard" icon and click it. You will then create a database name and database user for your Joomla site on your desktop or localhost.
6. Fire up your FTP client to transfer files from your desktop to your live webserver. (Just google "Free FTP Clients" to start with). Use the login details to be able to connect with your server.
7. Once logged-in via FTP client, double click on "public_html" folder. This is the document root folder for your website. Transfer the entire directory structure of your Joomla installation on your desktop to "public_html" folder on your live webserver.
8. When file transfer is complete, edit the "configuration.php" on the root folder of your joomla installation. Change the "database name" & "database user" with the one you've created on item #5. Note: your hostname on your config file should be "localhost".
9.Type "" on your web browser and see the result. If everything is set-up right, you should see your live Joomla website!


PM me if you need more help. :)

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Re: patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

Post by bumslayer » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:27 pm

Puwede rin siguro yung desktop computer mo as server, provided na mataas ang specs ng PC. Mahirap na kasi na mag-lag ang website mo kapag marami na'ng hits online, baka gumapang lang, lalo na kung hindi katulinan ang processor at konti lang ang memory. Also, mahal ang co-location services sa Philippines (cheapest I have heard of starts at PHP 25K monthly), that's why most people (including some companies I know) opt for shared-hosting services online, para makatipid. Besides, hindi rin naman matututukan ng ISP na kukuhanan mo ng co-location plan yung machine mo, ikaw pa rin ang tututok. On top of a co-location plan, you still need a domain name, as localhost always points to the computer of the end user. :)

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Re: patulong nmn poh s paglolaunch ng first Joomla! site q..

Post by webrond » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:33 am

I am first user ng joomla nabasa ko kc yung topic nyo regarding sa pagla-launch ng first joomla template online...
Meron p po bang ibang more easy ways to make your joomla online or yung pwede na isearch s another computer? kasi sa computer ko lng sya naba-browse or sa localhost lng.
I have already my domain name and a web hosting...

Thank you very much! :)


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