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Looking for Online Joomla Tutor

Post by t8741298 » Mon May 14, 2012 9:16 am

Dear Sir:

I live in Taiwan and I am looking for an oversea English speaker to teach me Joomla (Web Site Content Management System)
Joomla is developed by English country and has a huge users so that is the first reason I have been looking for English Joomla Tutor.
Also time zone is good reason as Taiwan and Philippine stay at the same time zone.

I have been self-learning Joomla for 4 month. I will like to offer good rate for 1.5 hour and twice a week to a right person.
I look forward the Joomla tutor can help and teach me to build up joomla web site. I have CSS/HTML and graphic design background.
He/ she should have strong Joomla background and experience in extension and Shopping Cart.

Please send your short introduction and online joomla work for reference.

The course wil be hold online by using skype or any program as both agreed.
I am happy to discuss the teaching style with the right tutor.

I can be contacted on t8741298@gmail.com



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