The JED format sucks

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The JED format sucks

Post by JJazz » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:46 pm

First: I have been a Joomla user since it first split from Mambo and have used it on numerous sites. I pay for templates and extensions and related subscriptions when they are what I want. I'm not complaining in any way that there are not enough free extensions.

But one sore point with me is the current JED format. It literally drains my energy every time I have to use it, like today.

50% of the screen space is taken up with mostly meaningless and therefore useless images.

Meanwhile, the descriptive text that I actually need to find a suitable solution is minimized: barely a sentence or two of hyperbolic text is visible. I have to click and open EACH extension just to see an intro that should have been properly summarized on the top-level.

What I need is a long-scrolling presentation of ample and descriptive text for each item, NO images, and something I can waste far less time looking at every time to find an extension.

JED is a DIRECTORY. I suggest it fails at its purpose as a DIRECTORY. Is it being evaluated on the number of clicks on the page? If so, I suggest that the goal should be to MINIMIZE the number of clicks before the user finds what they are looking for.

In my opinion the current format of JED is a poor front-looking salestool for Joomla itself, for anyone new who might be looking at it. I would suggest that alternate directory views in addition to the current, information-poor directory could sell Joomla better by showing it's flexibility.

Thank you.

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Re: The JED format sucks

Post by sozzled » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:13 pm

I agree with your assessment that the listings in the new JED are dominated by those huge, screen-hogging images; the images tend to distract the viewer from finding what they're actually looking for which are (a) a description of the exension's functionality and (b) where to find documentation, demonstrations and download details about the product.

I agree that people viewing these listings need to exercise their hands and fingers in order to get to the main focus of the listing.

As you also say, in older versions of the JED (e.g. good ol' Mosets Tree) the products appeared in a more compact manner.

My two biggest complaints about the JED, however, have little to do with the formatting. I don't want to divert the focus of this topic to discuss those complaints but it is evident that the management of the JED is a part-time job and there's an absence of personnel to attend to the day-to-day operation of it.

A case in point is that the most recently added product listed on the JED (as at today) was added on 24 February this year; that's 11 days ago. The most asked question—the biggest complaint from developers—has always been about the length of time it takes for a new listing to be approved.

As a developer myself, when one breaks down the time spent on building a new extension, the largest part of that is waiting for a new extension to be approved. The following pie chart shows that (in the case of a really simple extension), I wrote less than 100 lines of code (including language translation, XML, PHP, release notes) and a one-page user guide.
The total time to bring the product "to market" (i.e. have the product listed on the JED) from beginning to end was less than four days but over 85% of that time was spent waiting for the listing to be approved. So I'd ask people who use the JED to spare a few moments to consider the time that developers spend trying to work with the JED, too. ;)
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Re: The JED format sucks

Post by anibal_sanchez » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:56 am


The way that we communicate an idea is important. This topic is a very good opportunity to cite me :D

How do you express a disagreement? ... sagreement

About the idea that you are trying to express, Joomla is an open source community and you are free to put the words in action:

Fun in JED: bug smashing and feature development ... velopment/

In the last months, we have been published new and refreshing collaborations. Overall, JED is improving (check this report with our 2018 achievements and plans for 2019 ... y-1st-2019). No better time to collaborate than now!

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