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access query

Post by mighty9403 » Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:19 am

Hi schools and colleges

I have been working at a school for a while now developing their website and also setting up private joomla sites in my spare time.

we are setting up our own web server now with a new intranet and a public website for the school and I would like to use joomla for the intranet part. I want all the content on the intranet site to be visible to all appart from some stuff which will be for teachers only, obviously teachers will have to log in to see this info and will be given a different user level.

The part im not sure about is giving access to the pupils when they are at home!! So from the public website I want a Link to a login were student allready have a username and password and they can log in from home and access the intranet site.

Will I need to create a seperate loggin system for this or can it be done from joomla????

cheers for any help or advice

hope this all makes sense.


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