Present main list, if field value = true, present link

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Present main list, if field value = true, present link

Post by stevenfletcher » Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:13 pm

We have a web site to develop a new curriculum. So far it has a main table with about 150 concepts / skills. It is currently an HTML table. We also have a forum to discuss various concepts and skills. This is currently down awkwardly at (click on concepts and forum). We also have the same data in an Excel spreadsheet for download and manipulation by users who may wish to dice and slice the concepts.

The ideal scenario would be:
  • Put the data for the site in MySQL or other DBMS
    The main concept table would list a summary (10-20 words) of each concept / skill.
    In each html row if there is related data present in the database, then links would be presented to drill down.

    These links would include:
    • *A more detailed explanation of the concept / skill
      *Teaching ideas / methodologies for the concept / skill
      *A discussion forum
    An alternative would be a simple discussion forum under each concept
If this something that can be done easily in Joomla?

(I can handle the database logic without a problem but I’d like to not have to do this in PHP etc)



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