SQL injection bug in content submission - * Medium Security Bug *

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SQL injection bug in content submission - * Medium Security Bug *

Post by Terenzusum » Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:46 pm

Maybe it's time for 1.0.3 ?

but on the other hand we still have 34 Open bugs

so maybe we should wait?


09-Oct-2005 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed SQL injection bug in content submission - * Medium Security Bug *
# Fixed artf1454 : After update email_cloacking bot is always on
# Fixed artf1447 : Bug in mosloadposition mambot
# Fixed artf1483 : SEF default .htaccess file settings are too lax
# Fixed artf1480 : Administrator type user can loggof Super Adminstrator
# Fixed artf1405 : Joomla shows Items to unauthorized users - * Minor Security Bug in 1.0.2 *
# Fixed artf1422 : PDF Icon is set to on when it should be off
# Fixed artf1476 : Error at "number of Trashed Items" in sections
# Fixed artf1415 : Wrong image in editList() function of mosToolBar class

08-Oct-2005 Johan Janssens
# Fixed artf1384 : tinyMCE doesnt save converted entities

07-Oct-2005 Andy Miller
# Fixed tabpane css font issue

07-Oct-205 Andy Stewart
# Fixed artf1382 : Added installation check to ensure "//" is not generated via PHP_SELF

07-Oct-2005 Johan Janssens
# Fixed artf1421 : unneeded file includes\domit\testing_domit.php
# Fixed artf1439 : Used correct ErrorMsg function and updated javascript redirect to remove POSTDATA message
# Fixed artf1400 : Added a check of $other within com_categories to skip section exists check if set to "other"

05-Oct-2005 Robin Muilwijk
# Fixed artf1366 : Typo in admin, Adding a new menu item - Blog Content Category
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Re: SQL injection bug in content submission - * Medium Security Bug *

Post by brad » Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:43 pm

It's on the way..
Brad Baker
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