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Re: About Memory_limit and fatal errors

Post by nant » Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:47 pm

agentapproved wrote: Hi I was having a problem with community builder when I clicked on the register button it just went to a blank page, with no errors.  I was referred to this thread from a community builder thread, on that thread they solved a similar problem by increasing the memory in the the way described above. I found that it did not work. So I unpublished cb plugins one by one until I found that when cbcaptcha was unpublished everything worked fine. I am no expert but I feel that the solution of increasing the memory is not a correct solution rather to problems with nature. It appears that poorly coded plugins are the cause of the problems and increasing the memory in such a manner is only masking a symptom and is not fixing anything.
Well, I coded the CB Captcha plugin (with much help from Beat) and I don't think it's poorly coded  ???
Must be something else causing the issue.
Would love to be able to debug it to figure it out.
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