How to submit - Please read

Submit your own tutorials, guides and API documents for inclussion in the Official Developer Documentation.
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How to submit - Please read

Post by manuman » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:09 am

The Joomla! Developer Documentation project is always on the lookout for additional materials that we can add to the Official Documentation over at the Joomla! Developer Network (

Please note You do not have to be on the Developer Documentation team to submit material. This is open to all Joomla! users.

Following are some guides that will increase the usefullness of submitted materials.

All Official Joomla! developer documentation (*) will be covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. This protects the original author in two ways. Firstly the original author retains copyright over the submitted work. Secondly it protects the submitted documentation from commercial exploitation by anyone other than the original author.

Most common formats will accepted... txt,doc,pdf,jpg,gif,mpg,png,zip,odt (up to 100k) as well as direct posts. For submissions over 100K the best method is either a link to the file or via email directly to manuman.

There are a multitude of topics that would be usefull to other Joomla! developers.

Here is a very small list which is by no means exhaustive...
  • Frontend Templating
  • patTemplate
  • Plugins
  • Components
  • Modules
  • AJAX
  • Database
  • API - You can submit documentation for any class or method, all are welcome.
Obviously there are a lot more topics that could be covered so let you imagination run wild.

Any documentation submitted may be edited by the Developer Documentation team. This would be done to allow the submitted material better fit into our existing documentation, change the format to suit publication and/or to fix any typo's etc.

At this time we can only accept documentation provided in English.

We do reserve the right to not publish material if we decide it doesn't fit the scope of the Developer Documentation project.

Lastly I would like to extend the thanks for the Joomla! Core Team, the Developer Documentation Team and the Joomla! community for any materials you submit.


*This only applies to documentation and content held on the developer network (
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