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CiviCRM documentation ..

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:48 am
by lobo
In case folks have not seen this, we announced some pretty cool comprehensive documentation on the list recenly. A link to the announcement is here: ... l#a9784206

The announcement in its entirety is below:

One of our major goals for 2007 is to improve the documentation for CiviCRM, and I'm excited to announce that a completely new CiviCRM Administration section is now ready for folks to review. ... er+CiviCRM

John Kenyon, an experienced NPO trainer and "documentarian" has worked with us to create a professional, readable and consistent approach, with more and better examples, cross-referencing and graphics. We have created a dedicated "space" on the wiki for documentation - and given it a new layout that includes improved navigation and a less cluttered
page layout.  The dedicated space should also make it easier to use the "Search" box to find current information (and NOT find deprecated or obsolete pages).

The Administration section is the first to be completed - we will be adding another major section targeted towards "End Users", as well as cleaning up and moving the Installation and Developers documentation to the new space in the coming months.

We see this as a "beta" documentation release - and look forward to getting your feedback, corrections and suggestions.

Please direct feedback to the civicrm-dev mailing list  and preface the email subject with the word DOCUMENTATION. We especially need to know about any inaccuracies in the content.

Going forward, we would like to recruit a few volunteers to act as "maintainers" for a section of the documentation. Please contact me
directly if you are interested in contributing back to the project in this manner.