IMPORTANT: CiviCRM launches own forum support ..

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IMPORTANT: CiviCRM launches own forum support ..

Post by lobo » Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:35 am

As some of you are aware we've been providing support via a mailing list hosted at AND the Joomla! forums. We recognize that this was not an ideal situation and going forward forums seem a more scalable form of supporting our ever increasing community. We have unified all CiviCRM support at Please start using the forums there for any questions. We no longer will provide support on these forums and will instead redirect folks. The good news is, we are using the same SMF software :)

The full announcement is at:,5.msg7.html. A copy is attached below

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce that in reply to recent requests we are launching a new support and discussion tool for our great community of users - CiviCRM Forums:

We encourage everyone to use the Forums for all support questions and discussion (except for technical developer topics), starting immediately.

Our aim is to centralize all support on CiviCRM Forums and transfer most of the traffic from mailing lists and Joomla forums that we were using so far. We will continue to use the civicrm-dev mailing list for developer discussions.

Why Forums?
Forums are meant to provide a safe-space for non-technical users to post questions, get answers, discuss and exchange their experience without the need to dig through tons of programmer talk (which we like, but not everyone does!). :-)

How Do I Get Started
You can check out the new forum site at anytime. However, in order to post or reply to messages, you will need to create an account on the main CiviCRM site:

Registering here will create an account for both the main site and the Forums (with the same user name and password).

If you already have an account on, please log in there first (once) and your account will be automatically duplicated to the Forums.

After you log in, review the available "boards" which are organized by topic - and then you can  either reply to one of the posts in existing topics or create a new topic.

All the forum boards will be initially moderated by CiviCRM Team members. However, we strongly encourage EVERYONE to participate in answering questions and responding to posts!

We would also like to call for volunteers to help us in moderating. You don't need to be an expert to help - just  a friendly attitude and willingness to chip in. Drop a note to or reply to this post on the list. We'll get back to you with specific information.

Do not wait - sign up for CiviCRM Forum today!

Michał, on behalf of CiviCRM Team


The forum engine we are using is the Simple Machines Forum
( courtesy of Simple Machines LLC.
Drupal integration is provided by the SMFforum Integration module

Big thanks to the developers of both projects for providing these great
tools to community.


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