3 questions I am new to this...

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3 questions I am new to this...

Post by agallow » Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:58 am

1. How does one's website get hacked?

2. How do you block adverting pop-ups. I mistakenly pushed allow pop-ups while working on the admin (backend) part. I would like to know how to undo this mistake because I do not want pop-ups on my website. This happen while using Mozilla Firefox....do I contact firefox or can I switch something on the back end of my website?

3.I know that pay pal is free however for those who do not want to use pay pal on their site I had developed credit card acceptance software that I would like to sell. Believe it or not, I paid my webmaster 5-k to build it ...Perhaps I was taken advantage of..How do I go about selling this software coding to joomla users who do not what to use pay pal?

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Re: 3 questions I am new to this...

Post by lafrance » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:09 am


Welcome to joomla forum.

1.Using old extension, joomla not been up to date as you know now joomla no longer support J 1.0.x also.

2. Just turn your advertising module maybe it the way you configure it to be on a pop-up ?

3.Cannot answer not into commerce web site.
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