patTemplate help page errors.

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patTemplate help page errors.

Postby philmoz » Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:48 pm
-introduction has a link misformed, so is displaying part of link code.

patTemplate is an XML based Templating Engine available at Title="Outgoing link (in new window)" target="_blank" href="">
sp -- my should be may
Tag Namespaces

All patTemplate tags must include a namespace which is used to distinguish the patTemplate XML markup tags from regular HTML, xHTML and other XML tags. The default namespace is patTemplate but you my may change this as desired by calling the setNamespace method.
name (optional but usually provided)

This attribute specifies the name of the template. The name must be unique as it is used to address the template with several API functions. If the name attribute is omitted than then a unique name is generated interally for the template.

OddEven Templates must two must have two sub-templates with conditions for the odd and even cases.
conditionvar (required for templates of type condition)
Since version 2.4 it is also possible to use a variable of an other another template as condition variable
useglobals (optional)

This atttibute attribute can be used for templates of type Condition or "Simple Condition?"

placeholder (optional)

This should only be used by advanced users.

When placing a template ???[sub-template][child template]??? into a template, the parser will extract the HTML o
If you ignore the HTML code, the template is quite simple. Of course there is one template for the complete page, like it should be in every file. This template also contains the actual

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