Component tutorial example - strange behaviour

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Component tutorial example - strange behaviour

Postby bettdani » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:40 pm

Hi - only my second contribution (so please let me know if this is the wrong place to bring this up and I will repost it). I have linked this to the "Talk/discussion" page on the Wiki as well.

While I think the documentation is much better/clearer than the original - Thankyou! - I suspect that there is something wrong with the component itself (Or my configuration).

I noticed that following this tutorial leads to some funny/unexpected behaviour when it comes to adding/removing records in the administrator interface. The same remains true if I simply install the package at the end of the tutorial (

After entering a new greeting - everything seems to work as expected - the message turns up and the new greeting is listed.

If you then select the checkbox of the same new greeting and delete it - nothing happens! The original "Greeting Saved!" message is still displayed and the new greeting is displayed. Reloading the page changes nothing.

If you then go into another greeting - the message "Greeting(s) Deleted" is displayed!

If you then cancel the edit - the "Operations cancelled" message comes up and the updated list is then shown (i.e. the deleted message is no longer displayed).

To my mind this means that the query is not being reloaded as part of the redirect...

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Or do I have to change some setting somewhere (Joomla/ MySQL)?

I am afraid I am still trying to learn how to write components and am not able to spot where/if the problem has occured.



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