[GSOC2009\CiviCRM Frontend Extensions

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[GSOC2009\CiviCRM Frontend Extensions

Post by nakulgan » Mon May 25, 2009 11:46 am


civiCRM until now,has been primarily concentrated on the backend and administrative functionalities.With the release of civiCRM 2.2 , a part of it has been brough out to the front end.The project aims at bringing out civiCRM to the frontend entirely.This essentialy means that we need to establish a whole set of module and plugins to interact with all the sections of civiCRM as well as the end user.

In order to achieve this I have planned the following set of moudles/plugins.I will divide the project into two phases,both of which will focus on module development for specific civiCRM sections.The following are the list of modules that have been planned:

Firstly,Improvements are needed on the installation of civiCRM.The Joomla! community users have been complaining about civiCRM installation which in many cases fails due to server configuration.
Secondly,civiCRM in Joomla! has been restricted to the Admin,by providin a better access control we can safely expose civiCRM to the frontend.This step is very vital.

The rest of first phase will focus on the Contacts,Groups,Member sections of civiCRM

  • Module to display/search contact information
    Module to display/search groups (Group Listing) and Module to display/search group users (Member Listing).
    Module to add user from frontend(For a section of privileged users).
    Module displaying an individual's information from a given profile with the option to update(Improvements to the existing ).
    Module displaying an individual's summary giving information(Improvements to the existing ).

The second phase concentrates on other sections such as Events,Contributions,Pledges:

  • Module to display list of events(predefined)
    Module to automatically display list of events(Based on logged user's interest/location/age etc)
    Module to create a new event from the frontend
    Module to show progress of a fund raiser(Graphics,using google charts API)
    Module to display list of donors,total donations etc.Also graphical reports based on contributions.
    Module to create a fund raiser/campaign from the frontend
    Custom civiCRM module that can generate a report of any of its sections (Admin User defined)

The current installation is a quite problematic as mentioned above, novice users find it difficlut very difficult to install civiCRM.civiCRM is resource intensive and needs a server configuration,that isn't quite common.So users who fail to understand these fail at this very first step.So modyifying the installation such that,there the server configuration settings are checked and then appropriate instructions are providedto the users to make necessary changes and proceed with the installation.
Currently civiCRM is focussed on the backend admin,in order to expose it to the frontend,it is extremelty essential that we implement access control that can take care of user permissions/priorities at both the backend as well as the frontend.
Cutsom civiCRM module would be one of the most important feature that is expected out of this project,this module will be more of a cheatsheet like;it will take the user through a series of steps,get all the required parameters/filters at each stage,(of the data that theuser wants to display) and then save it.
The user will then be able to modify/reuse the same module by going through the same steps and specifying the parameters/filters again.
The modules to display users/groups/events etc can be setup dynamically , i.e the filter can be set such that the module displays results based oncertain parameters such as geographical location,interests,recently browsed,etc.
The modules to allow search can be built dynamically,in the sense the admin will determine a set of filters that the end user can make use of while searching.Besides this admin will be able to override the results by based on keywords or explicitly thrusting some results that would direct the users to specific section that the admin thinks is benificial to the site.
The module to add users to civiCRM from the frontend can even be extended to managing users.
This functionality would be very useful in a multi-moderator/admin environment.
The campaign/fundraiser modules will allow the frontend user to create campagins/fund raiser and manage them.
Besides this the functionality of extending the group functions to the frontend can be done(for instance to send out group mails).
The above mentioned features are not essentially the final list of modules that are going to developed.Depending upon community and user feedback appropriate changes can be incoroporated.

Please do let me know what you guys think and help me out by suggesting some features that you would like :)


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