arabic alphabet not showing properly

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arabic alphabet not showing properly

Post by ghorzang » Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:02 am

I have installed "Pashto" language for joomla.. we use arabic alphabets

I come across the following problems when i install a new template.. I am running Joomla 1.0 (the template that i have installed is 1.1 so i don't know if that is the problem)

[LEFT]however when i change it back to a different template which is 1.0 than i have no problem.. ( i don't know if the versions of template has anything to do with the problem)

Both my Joomla script and the language is 1.0. so I don't know what is going on.. It works fine with one template and it doesn't work with another template.. so it looks like the problem is with the template.. so what should I do to fix this problem?do i have to edit anything inside the template? it is a CSS template..


Now this is a little interesting.. if you check this page than there is no problem - you can read it properly ... &Itemid=26

However if you go back than it doesn't show the font.. ... &Itemid=26

I don't think there is a problem with joomla or the language pack that I have.. It works fine with some templates and it has problem with others.. so what do i have to edit?

Thank you


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