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Post by nathandiehl » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:40 pm

Please, before you post any questions, please:
1. Verify you are using the most current version of Joomla! (currently 1.0.15). If you are not, please upgrade before posting. Your issue may very likely be solved simply by upgrading. Follow this link for more info on downloading the upgrade.
2. Search for your question. If you don't find it on the first search, search several more times using different search terms.
3. Check the Help Site FAQ Section and theTips and Tricks, your question has likely been answered before.
4. Read this link, which is the Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla!, and will:
a. help you find answers to your questions more quickly
b. help you understand the basics of Joomla!
c. point you in the right direction to figuring out this powerful, award-winning software.
5. Please, do not PM any moderator or other forum user for support unless you are asked to.
6. Before you post in THIS board, please make sure your question doesn't fit in elsewhere in a different, specialized board. Please, DO NOT Post in this board if it shouldn't be in this board! (if you do, it will be moved). If you do determine it is needed to open a new thread, please be sure to include:
a. What version of Joomla! you are using? What version of PHP? Shared or dedicated hosting?
b. What extensions are you trying to use and their version number? (Be sure to place extension questions in the correct board!)
c. If you have a template question, please reference the problematic section in *code* tags. (Be sure to place template questions in the template board!)
d. If your site is displaying any errors please copy and paste them, and note any recent changes you have made to your Joomla! install.
e. A URL to your website so other users can view your problem--and detailed instructions to duplicate the issue.
f. Any relevant information that you think might be of assistance to others trying to answer your questions.
7. After you posted your question, and your question is solved:
a. Please post a follow up so that others can learn from the solution.
b. Mark your thread as solved:
Edit your first message in the thread, modify the first message and choose the Message Icon [solved] Image.
The list of messages will show that your question has been solved, and other users can benefit from it.

Thank you very much!

Happy Joomla!ing...
The Mod Team of Joomla!

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