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3 ways to use the wrapper

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:33 pm
by stgeorge
Judging by the amount of hits I get with these posting's I might as well show the three methods you can use without using 3rd party plugins.

A Joomla installation has THREE methods of inserting IFrames into a page.

Two Methods using Modules:
The Basic Module Method assigns the Frame to a Module position within the site Template, see:

You can insert a Custom Module into an Article, where a Module position is not available, see:

The Third is by MENU Assignment:

The Menu Assignment Method is best used for inserting a whole site page such as an external site or another CMS or Script such as the entries on the site under the Systems Menu, see: ... om_wrapper

Unless of course You know more?

The point is that while iframes are supposed to be dead, many people like the simplicity of pointing to a file to give them short term insertion of content until they find a way to do it with includes.

Like me many write in html, js and css and do not like the lack of control a CMS will allow. Sure when you know what you are doing it may be no problem, but I still find myself writing custom modules all the time to integrate the speed and position I require for a website.

So go on all you iframe fans, carry on, perfect your css, html and javascript skills first and then deal with the CMS. It is the type of attitude that makes us all improve.

There is a problem however, if you notice the first two links are modules assigned to a menu.

If you post these links into another website, (I always use relative URL's for database migration), then you change your menu, the link will break unless you do a 301 redirect.
If I gave you the article URL the Module will not show.

So the idea of still using iframes within an article makes alot of sense.

Besides if you get rid if your WYSIWYG editors and insert directly into your article you do not need anything else. Just upload your file and point the article to the file using normal iframe tags.

Bear in mind though, if you enable your WYSIWYG editor and open the page for editing, you will lose the hard work you have done by inserting normal html on save. It will be gobbled up and puked out as something else.