FAQ: How do I Install Components, Modules, Mambots and Plugins

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FAQ: How do I Install Components, Modules, Mambots and Plugins

Post by mcsmom » Sun Sep 17, 2006 1:09 am

In Joomla! 1.0.x there are separate installers for Components, Modules and Mambots (aka Plugins).

Always check for documentation included with the extension or available from the developer--and read it first!

For most extensions and most hosts, the following method will work:

In your administrative interface, go to the installer menu and select the type of extension you want to install.
  • Browse for the zip file containing the extension.
  • Click Upload and Install.
  • Follow any instructions that are displayed.
For some installations you will need to "install from directory." These instructions are specifically for components, but will also work for other types of extensions.
  • Place UNZIPPED files for the extension in a subdirectory of administrator/components/com_installer/
(You may have to ftp the files or you may unzip the files on your server--however make sure to preserve cases when unzipping.)
  • Go to the installer for that type of extension and add the name of the subdirectory with your component to the path.
    • Click install.
    • Follw any instructions that are displayed.
Some components have their own plugins. These are usually installed from the component configuration. Check the instructions for individual components.

Note: It is always advantageous to examine the extension that you are installing to see if it includes readme files or other documentation and to read these prior to installing.

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