Urdu wordlist

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Urdu wordlist

Postby @id23_ » Fri Feb 23, 2007 7:35 am

Hi everyone!!  I'm a student of Urdu and I made a wordlist to help me study.  Can any native or someone who very good with language please correct my wordlist below.  I used an online dictionary but I'm not sure if the translations the dictionary gave are all accurate.  Thank you very much in advance!!  I can't wait to start speaking some Urdu!!  :)

Here's the list

English: (these are all verbs)
pick up (pick up that off the floor), drop (I dropped my hat), go (go home now!), come (come here now!), drink (drink this water), eat (eat food), sit (sit down beside me), stand (stand right beside me), want (I want money), like*(I like girls), sleep (I am sleeping now), wake up (wake up in 5 minutes), do (do what I tell you to do), make (I made this for my mom), cook (cook steak), open (open the door), close (close the door), walk (I walk home), run (I run fast), clean (clean the house), hit (don't hit me), catch (catch the football), play (I don't want to play outside), rest (let's rest for a minute), lay (lay that book here), lie (Lie down here beside me), put (put that book on the shelf), hold (who is holding my baby?), call (call that man standing there), talk (he doesn't talk much), speak (I can't speak Latin), say (what did you say to me?), tell (please tell me now), use (did you use my razor?), know (I don't know you), understand (I don't understand what you're saying), raise (raise your hand), study (I never study for my test), read (I can read Cantonese), watch (let's watch the stars tonight), look (look at your hands, they bloody), see (do you see anything?), sick (I'm very sick now), to have* (I don't have any money at all), give (give me some money), take (don't take my dollar), kiss (she kissed me), sex (I like to have sex), sing (I can't sing at all), kick (kick the soccer ball), throw (throw the football), receive (I received this money from you), turn* (turn left here), get up*(get up out of your chair now), stop (stop talking!), start (he starts his job today), touch (don't touch my sandwich), believe (I believe you ate my food), think (I think she is pretty), fall (he fell down the stairs), push (dont push me!), pull (don't pull on my new shirt), move (Please move this box over there), write (I can't write in Latin)

there (he's not there), here (here is my cat), up (look up at the stars), down (look down at your feet), like this*(don't walk like this), this way*(if you walk this way, he'll hit you), house, food*, weather*, body*(I love my sexy body), family*, car, bus, train, airplane, airport, beach, girl, women, boy, man, mom, dad, teacher, friend, together, alone, boyfriend, girlfriend, vacation, school, right (turn right), left (turn left), straight (go straight ahead on this street)

always (I always win), never (I never lose), before (before I eat, I always pray), well*(well.. I'm not tired right now), anything (I can't eat anything), nothing (nothing is impossible), there is (there is something there), like I said (like I said already you're pretty), mine*(this book is mine), if, any*(any girl is fine with me), whenever*(you can go whenever you want), what, how, when, just (did..) (I just finished my homework), no one (no one is at school), somewhere (he's somewhere in there)

(these are all adjectives)
angry, happy, sad, tired, sleepy, well (I'm well today and you?), bad, good, difficult, easy, stinky, smells good (this pie smells very good), hot (it's hot outside), cold (it's cold in winter), warm (this room is a bit warm, turn on the fan please), tall, short, fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, big, small, fast, slow, high, low, wide, narrow

I have the Urdu wordlist with the Urdu words already translated however when I translated the above wordlist using the online Urdu dictionary, I copied and pasted the Urdu words that the computer gave me.  It (the Urdu words) only copied into the Word document as pictures instead of actual words.  That's why I can't post them here.  So to solve this, whoever chooses to correct the wordlist above, please PM me.  I have the Urdu wordlist saved as a Word document and I can send the wordlist to you as an e-mail attachment and you can correct the wordlist that way.  When you PM me, we can exchange e-mail addresses and I'll send you the Urdu wordlist.  If that's too complicated, then you can simply translate the wordlist into the correct Urdu.  :D  (Shouldn't take too long if you're a native  :P )  Ok thank you very much and I hope someone can help me.  (I currently learning how to type in Urdu so this problem doesn't happen again.)  Thanks!!

@id  8)

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Re: Urdu wordlist

Postby farazchap » Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:25 pm

thank you for sharing, It is a great post.


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