site MOVED not installed now admin does not work

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site MOVED not installed now admin does not work

Post by sophie4me » Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:03 am


I had my host help me move a site from a subdomain to the primary httpdocs folder. Joomla was NOT installed in the www - httpdocs directory but it was installed in the subdomain. Right now they both point to the same database, but you can only use the admin on the subdomain site not the www site. I have changed the secret word in the www httpdocs directory and have backed up both sites with Akeeba.

When I try to do anything in the admin I get the following error:


Regardless of what I try to do on admin side all that happens is the # sign appears at the end of the URL.

So 2 questions - oh both sites are 1.5.22 just updated both tonight.
1) Will creating a new database for the sub-directory resolve this issue?
2) Do I need to install Joomla in the www/httpdocs directory to make it work properly? If so, can I do that over a live site and would that cause any issues - only customization is outside of Joomla core.

Any ideas would be most helpful.


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