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Content Management

Post by khan2002 » Fri Oct 13, 2006 6:44 am


First of all I've to say that you did a great work, espacially I like the installer with all its features (collation).
But I have a little - for me it's a great - problem:

The former Conten Area was for my purposes more structured. The Menu for the Sections was very usefull for sites with more than 1.000 articles and helped me to work quick and easy. I know most of the Joomla pages have to organize only few content, so for these users it's ok like it is now, but there are also sites, which many content items, and I think, I'm not the only one who is not happy with this new system. You will explain that I can sort the items with the filter system and so on, but I like the old system and I hope I'm not the only one.

The second point is that I miss the second text area per article: I know, that you have a new bot for it, but many of my customers use joomla like an office suite to publisch their content in web. I'm sure they will forget this bot many times and I know I'll get a lot of support work for this.

I know - every new release of software brings new features and many changes - and I know, after a half year nobody remebers the old system.

A last question: Joomla 1.5 uses UTF-8 - Are you planning a tool to convert a Latin1 collation to UTF-8, because a lot of joomlas, espacially upgrades of mambo, uses this database collation, and I think a lot of them would convert to UTF-8, if there's a simple way to convert.

Thanks a lot and I hope that all beta testers find the majority of the bugs, so we get a stable 1.5 soon.
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