FAQ - converting ASP/Access site to Mambo & transcoding the character set

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FAQ - converting ASP/Access site to Mambo & transcoding the character set

Post by jpetrov » Wed Aug 24, 2005 9:58 pm

I had a pretty simple setup.

On the starting point I had a ASP/Access CMS that had similar news structure (header, introductory text, main body, published, date...) as mambo. The tricky point was that it was Windows 1251 and I needed to translate the content into UTF-8.

1. Install MySQL from http://www.mysql.com. Somehow the integrated versions in the bundles gave me headaches. I figured out that vanilla MySQL install was working fine for me.

2. Install vanilla Mambo in a new database. Set encoding to your template / config into UTF-8. Use phpmyadmin or similar tool and enlarge all varchar fields from 100 / 150 to 255 (you will need this since UTF-8 will eat more space). Text type is not a problem.

2b. Download and install MySQL migration toolkit (available on MySQL). Follow the road, we will convert the old database in MySQL. Set all flags as UTF-8 / multilingual if possible.

3. Now that you've got the database in MySQL use some of the programs (some are free - like web based phpmysql) to browse trough the database and check out if the data was converted regullary. If you get a mess instead of the expected text - don't worry - probably your DB Browser encoding is not set up. BUT if you get ? ? ? ? ? ? (question marks for every non-us letter) instead of text then you are in trouble. Check (1).

4. Now use your browsing tool or command line to generate the SQL dump file.

5. Load the SQL dump file into Dreamweaver. Go into Page settings, encoding, and change from CP WHATEVER into UTF-8. Save the file. Dreamweaver will transcode the file for you!

6. Import the SQL dump file back into MySQL (and set default collation and character set into UTF-8).

7. Go to opensourcematters.org and search for the CMS database design. Look for content table. Mimic the names of the table and columns to $ambo style of naming. Leave the extra fields for future conversions / use. Exchange the vanilla mambo content table with your new converted one.

8. Edit your mambo configuration.php and point it to your tables.

Tricky? It took me about 2 hours to migrate a fully working site without ANY problem.

If you still have problems, PM me - we might work it out.
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