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UI, database, email

Post by ewood » Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:46 am

Hi all,

Alright I'll try to explain as clear as possible. 

Is there anything out there for Joomla or something I could tweak to do this.  I have many (100's) records in a databases across several databases I need to be able to have users via a user interface schedule emails pulling the records one at a time content from a selected database and sending the content of that record by email.  For example the UI would have these choices

1.  Select Database
        A data
        B data
        C data

2.  Select Delivery Days

3.  Select Delivery Times
        _____  to _____    (9am to 5pm)

4.  Delivery how often
        every 2 minutes
        every 3 minutes
        every 5 minutes
        every 10 minutes
        every 15 minutes

Once this information is entered the emails would start to be sent to the user with the information pulled from the database, record 1, then 2, then 3 etc until the all records in the database are sent according to the above selections.  I would also need to map fields in the database to sections of the email for example field1 would be in the subject line, field2 in the top body and field3 bottom.

That's if if it makes sense.  Any questions let me know.



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