JInstaller adapter path option

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JInstaller adapter path option

Postby happy_noodle_boy » Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:50 am

I think it would be a good idea to have a config option for the JInstaller class, when creating a new instance, to set the adapter path. This would allow me to use the installer class for my own custom installer, but keep its adapters outside of the core libraries folders.

At the moment I think the only way to use it in this way is to extend the Jinstaller class and add a new setAdapter function with the modified  path.

an example:

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$installer =& JInstaller::getInstance( array(
    'adapter_path' => JPATH_COMPONENT .DS. 'adapters'
) ); 

then the setAdapter function in Jinstaller class:

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function setAdapter($name, $adapter = null)
    if (!is_object($adapter))
        // Try to load the adapter object
        $class = 'JInstaller'.ucfirst($name);
        if (!class_exists($class)) {
            return false;
        $adapter = new $class($this);
        $adapter->parent =& $this;
    $this->_adapters[$name] =& $adapter;
    return true;

Any other suggestions?
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