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input data

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:11 pm
by webbyhull
hi there,

i am looking for a component that may be able to help me - but i have no idea where to look.

What i want to do is fairly straight forward.

I want to create a site that allows users to come and submit a haunting report. This report needs to be able to have various fields such as the usual name, address etc but i also want them to be able to submit photos, video links, and postal code of the report.

I then need to be able to use this information to allow users to be able to search for this and also to have a map with points on it for the haunting reports.

I am assuming it would be along shot for the component to excist but i wondered if there was one that allowed me to create forms and then display them in format i want?

hope to hear from someone