BEFORE YOU POST…Please Read This!

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BEFORE YOU POST…Please Read This!

Post by humvee » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:19 pm

BEFORE YOU POST…Please Read This!

No really…Please, before you post to the User Documentation Forums

1. Make sure you have read the Forum Rules and the Forum Help.

2. Please do not ask a question about a function or use of Joomla! These forums are for User Documentation related issues or questions only.

3. Please Search for the answer to your question first to see if it has been answered for someone else already. If you do not find it on the first search, try modifying the search parameters and words.

4. If you do start a new topic, please make sure the Title is descriptive of the issue you are asking about.

5. Do not “bounce”, “bump”, or make multiple posts in a topic just to raise the profile of your question. The User Documentation Team (UDT) will try to respond to every post within 48 hours maximum if possible. Generally, it will be a lot sooner.

6. If you are making an announcement of a new document, book, community help site, or the like DO NOT POST these in the forum. Please send a Personal Message to Humvee. Posting of off-site links for publicising products or services is heavily frowned upon! We will edit your post to remove any such breaches.

7. If you wish to submit a document to the UDT for consideration, please contact Humvee by Personal Message providing full details of the link or document and details on how to submit this will be provided. This is only a temporary arrangement until a more effective means of dealing with community contributions is up and running.

8. After you posted your question, and your question is resolved:

        a. Please be sure to post a follow up (where appropriate) so that others can learn from the solution.
        b. Mark your thread as solved by editing your first message in the thread, by selecting the Message Icon [solved] .

9. The most important advice we can give is to remain civil, polite, “non-flaming”, reasonably argumentative, or any of the many other descriptions that could be applied!

REMEMBER Everyone within the Joomla! Community is involved (for the most part) because they want to be. The Community is not paid to be here or to do what they do! They are not “employees” doing a job that they have to do! They do it because – most of the time – they enjoy it. Please don't spoil that! ;)

The User Documentation Team
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