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Help Screens - Directories

Post by mic » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:56 pm

Next question: i see that some articles are using images from a subdirectory, e.g.:
while most of the images are directly from the 'main' directory

There is also a confusing structure, see here:
images/stories/1_5_help_screens/screenshots/control_panel.png and images/stories/help_screens_1.5/News_feed_manager.png
So my questions are:
1. one (1) directory for all images (e.g: images/stories/help_1_5/.......)
2. subdirectories like: images/stories/help_1_5/user/..... or images/stories/help_1_5/articles/..... and task like : images/stories/help_1_5/tasks/Edit.New.Cancel.png

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