Documentation sometimes fails to mention location

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Documentation sometimes fails to mention location

Postby zpinhead » Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:00 pm

Fairly regularly, when the help files describe how to do something they neglect to mention where to do it.

For example, the section explaining how articles are checked in and out ( fails to say where Global Check-In in located. Is it in the Global Configuration? No, it's located at Administrator > Tools > Global Check-In.

Including the path required to complete tasks in Joomla should be a standard part of the documentation. Hunting for the location is pretty annoying with the directions right in front of you.

Also, I'd suggest amending "WARNING: Performing a Global Checkin while documents are open for editing will result in data loss. All Checked Out Items will be checked in, and any unsaved changes will be lost." to start with a sentence that is in the body of the article:

"The action commences as soon as the Menu Item is clicked."


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