Joomla! User Manual 1.0.11 - Publish Date


Joomla! User Manual 1.0.11 - Publish Date

Post by ledzep » Sun Oct 22, 2006 5:45 pm

The Joomla! Documentation team is pleased to announce that the Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual version 1.0.1 will be published on October 23 2006.

The objectives of this User Manual are to:
·      Help you to install and configure Joomla!
·      Describe the various types of Users and what their access permissions are.
·      Provide detailed instructions for both Front-end and Back-end inputting and site management within the Joomla! User framework of Authors, Editors, Publishers, Managers, Administrators and Super Administrators.

The manual’s target audience is all levels of user from Author to Super Administrator and is aimed at the newcomer to Joomla! although, more experienced users will find it useful too.

The Joomla! User Manual is © copyright 2006 by the individual contributors and can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons License, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5,

You will be able to download it, in Acrobat format initially, from

The Documentation Team is committed to providing the Joomla! community with high quality documentation and this is the first User Manual.  Work on the Joomla! User Manual 1.5 will start next week.

Your comments, suggestions and corrections etc are invited and can be posted on the User Manual forum at

This will offer you the opportunity to comment, make suggestions and point out errors in the manual directly to the authors.

The User Manual Forum at  will also be used to provide information about the planned Joomla! User Manual 1.5, which is underway.

We do not intend to stand still on the 1.0.11 version and are already working on adding FAQs, Other Hints and Tips and more information about templating, CSS and tasks associated with the installation of Joomla!  News about progress will be posted on

Steve White (ledzep), of, has led this project and coordinated its production. However, many people have contributed in some way to producing this Joomla! User Manual.

In particular, thanks should be given to Andy Wallace (humvee) for the development of the design and style of the manual and proof reading. David Maggiano (Scribe) for drafting Chapters 3 & 4. Brian Teeman (brian) for proof reading. Also, other members of the Joomla! Documentation Team: Michelle (Michelle Bisson), Jennifer (visionspin), Brian (usagi) and Richard (rdb) for their assistance and encouragement. Contributors to the Joomla! Help web site and Anna's Joomla! Tips, from which some material has been used and many more.

To the named and unnamed, our heartfelt thanks.

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