Latest News Module Suggestion

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Latest News Module Suggestion

Post by muddauber » Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:17 pm

I may be going in the wrong direction with this, but I have found that I need to restrict
NEW content items like FAQs and other content from being added to the
list of items displayed on Latest News Module.

The current options of Content, Static Content or BOTH does not deal with
the need to restrict new items added in other categories that you do
not wish to show up on the Latest News Module, especially if you are
using that as your front end for announcing latest news.

I suggest that the developer create options similar to the menu options
which allow you to pick and choose which content category you want listed
in Latest News, so the options would be:

Static Content
Other categories as created by administrator

Maybe there is a way to do this now, but it is more of a
work-around than an option on what content becomes
"news". There is "news' and there is "new items" which
really isn't the same when presenting content with
a Joomla or other community website.

The development team is awesome. If I ever get good
enough to contribute with code or design, I'll be there.
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Re: Latest News Module Suggestion

Post by humvee » Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:33 pm


Not sure that Documentation is where you should have posted this...but anyway. :)

In the mod_latestnews, you already have the option to set which Category and or which Section has its Content shown in the Latest News display. Just enter the Category ID  (or ID's) and/or Section ID (or iD's) in the space provided. Just separate the ID's by a comma if more than one.



ps The information you quote for FAQ's, News, etc are only added when you choose to include the database example data at installation. If you choose not to use this then you are left with a bare framework to work with and create all the Sections, Categories, and Content from scratch.


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