[User Manual]Typos Joomla User Manual P. 1-17

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[User Manual]Typos Joomla User Manual P. 1-17

Post by t17169 » Fri May 26, 2006 6:10 am

Joomla! User Manual 1.0x

5/15/2006 11:16.52PM

Version 0.01

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed ***** 1:

Chapter 1
Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) for End Users
Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) for Developers

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****___Page 2:

6th item down, Organising the look of the Frontpage.  (If Queen's English, ok...in US is Organizing)

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****___Page 4:

1st paragraph:
        Thank you for choosing Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !)

2nd paragraph
Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) is an award-winning...

Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) for End Users
        3rd paragraph
Via a simple, browser-based interface, (<--insert comma) you will be able to easily....and create an
        unlimited amount (recommend changing this amount to number..reads better in context) of sections...

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 5:

after list...You can find more examples over at our growing Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) Extensions Directory...

Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) for Developer

So what's the catch?
3rd sentence
We don't claim to be perfect, (<--typo, no comma needed) and can't promise to meet every requirement in
        the world. (I would recommend changing period to comma to combine with next sentence.) As in...the world,
        however, for many web applications, our software is perfectly suited for the job.

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 7:

1st paragraph, 2nd sentence
....depend on the way that hte site's owner wants (omission of the word 'to) delegate responsibilities..of
Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) users should be set up.

(NOTE: In first sentence of 1st paragraph, User is capitalized.  In the 2nd sentence, users is not. Could be
understandably intentional or could be inconsistant. I will proceed assuming it's intentional.)

2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence at end ...Module configuration (<--typo..needs comma here) etc should be created.

3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence...multiple users at whatever level best suites (<--typo..should be suits) the ...

See Chapter 3 - Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) Users
You will need to....installed elements of a Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) Web site...

System Requirements
1st sentence...requirements before you download the Joomla!! (<--typo, only one !) software...

Installing Joomla!
Getting the files
can be downloaded from http://developer.Joomla!.org (<--typo, no ! in the URL)

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 8:

Installing Locally
2nd sentence...on a POSIX system (<--insert comma) but it may vary.

Installing Remotely
1st sentence...on a remote host is (<--typo..should be 'has', not 'is')
Last bulleted item...for consistancy with upcoming browser installation, recommend using
...web URL, eg http://www.yoursite.com

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 9:

Below screenshot, 2nd paragraph, again for consistancy, recommend using...Check page, try using

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 11:

Below screenshot, ...checks out ok (<--insert comma) click the "Next button". (<--should be "Next" button.)

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 12:

Below screenshot: Click Next (<--should be "Next")

2nd sentence: ...the MySQL database which (<--insert the word 'is') Step 1...

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 13:

Below screenshot
2nd (3rd?) paragraph, 2nd sentence. You may also install come (<--typo..should be 'some') sample data. 
3rd sentence: If this is your first installation (<--insert comma) we recommend...

3rd paragraph, 1st sentence...Click the "Next" Button. (Button is capitalized here, was not before)

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 14:

Below screenshot. 1st sentence: Click OK (<--for consistancy..Click "OK") if you...
  3rd sentence: ...occurred during initialisation (<--typo..should be initialization)

***** Manual signatures are NOT allowed *****__Page 17:

Below screenshot. 2nd sentence: ...directly into the configuration.php-dts (<--typo..it's .php-dist) on...

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Re: [User Manual]Typos Joomla User Manual P. 1-17

Post by Michelle Bisson » Fri May 26, 2006 3:20 pm

Thanks, this is what I am looking for.  It may be a couple of weeks before we can integrate it into the User manual, as the doc team member who is responsable is away on holidays.

But continue anyways, as when he comes back, it will be easier for him if everything is proof-read and corrected ahead of time.

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Re: [User Manual]Typos Joomla User Manual P. 1-17

Post by ledzep » Tue Jun 27, 2006 7:44 pm

I have downloaded the comments and added them to previous ones.  I will start going through them this week.  Thank you all for the feedback.


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