Eclipse Plugin for develop Joomla’s Component/Module (JECLIPSE)

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Eclipse Plugin for develop Joomla’s Component/Module (JECLIPSE)

Post by AmyStephen » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:40 pm

Since back in early August, we have been telling new developers to wait for JEclipse because it would be available any day, now.

Initially, I know that the mentor for the task moved, and didn't have Internet access. Then, due to the size of the upload, there was a bandwidth issue. At some point, an appointment was made with a local university to upload this work. But, since that time, I have lost track of where this is at. Are still issues uploading this code? If so, maybe it might make sense to create a CD and send it to someone with more bandwidth.

I'll be honest and simply say that many have lost interest waiting. With v 1.5 doing so well, it would be great to put to this to service. There are lots of extensions to write!

Does anyone know the status of this?

Amy :)
Eclipse Plugin for develop Joomla’s Component/Module (JECLIPSE)

Student: Muhammad Fuad, Mentor
Laurens Vandeput

A lot of good and interesting work has been done by the student. This is a project that is a good example on two open source programs working together. In this case a specific version of Eclipse is build, creating wizards that make development of Joomla! extensions (components, modules, plug-ins, templates) very easy. The student has created these wizards. Currently his work is implemented in j!code project. J!code is the Joomla! IDE, an Eclipse-based IDE for Joomla! based on JoomlaEclipse, EasyEclipse and PHPEclipse and the first versions is about to emerge.

Judgement on the quality of work: very good
Judgement on the total percentage of work finished: very good
Final judgement on the project achievements: very good

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Re: Eclipse Plugin for develop Joomla’s Component/Module (JECLIP

Post by vredeling » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:45 pm

I would really like to know if this project is available as a generic plugin for eclipse rather than downloading it with the j!code ide.


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