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What language to use... please english

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:27 pm
by newart
Sorry for my post not important for the project but there is a question to point out in the fabolous GForge, and in general in the new amazing site of Joomla: How to use the language.

I like to see sites in a mother tongue of mine, but I dislike to see an automatic language system in the Forge / site.

That is IMHO it is fine for our site to see an option for selecting a language, but seeing an automatic language is not IMHO a good idea, or if you like to use this feature please insert a simple button for showing the International English. The First universal language (up to now  :laugh: )

But if you speak russian and I german... what correct word in english for describing our talks? Using simply the URL? Or I have to translate a french path into english (but what english) and then the other user has to find it translating that word in his own language.

Moreover there is even an italian translation a bit ridicolous, what's the meaning for "Informatori dello sviluppatore" or "Classificatore"  (and many more) ?
Another point, if you have (as I can see in the new site) a small part of the site in italian and the rest is english... so it makes no sense.
I have only an opinion based on experience within other past CMSs and so pls avoid a Babel tower.

PS. pls read this topic as a simple doubt, I have no problem, I like very much the great hard work done. I'm very excited after having had a look at GForge and the new template!