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Tracker notifications

Post by whinecountry » Wed May 02, 2007 9:59 pm

I'd like to make a suggestion to improve the use of which should be fairly simple to implement.  Some of us are involved with or tracking for some reason multiple projects.  This tracking might go on for weeks, months or even perpetually.  Daily priorities change so what is important today might not demand immediate attention a week from now but you still want to stay in the loop.  And another project might need that attention later while it is not important today.  But despite that if you're monitoring multiple projects you'll get the email for all of them.  That is fine.  What is not fine is that as the recipient you can't easily determine what is in your inbox without going through  sometimes dozens or more messages to see what project they are related to.

It would help a lot to stay organized and prioritized if the email notifications that are currently in a format like this:

[Tracker Feature Requests Item #507] Userlist and profile page (trackeritem-507)
[Tracker Bugs Item #445] mysql error (trackeritem-445)
[Open discussion] Install Error (forummessage-551)

could instead contain the Project name and maybe a prefix to define if it is a Feature Request, Bug, or otherwise.  So I propose a format like this instead:
[TFR #507 Fireboard] Userlist and profile page (trackeritem-507)
[TB #4459 VirtueMart ] mysql error (trackeritem-445)
[FORUM Letterman] Install Error  (forummessage-551)

In addition to the personal benefit, there is also the larger benefit of helping to keep people more involved.  I can pretty much guarantee that many people who are in this situation might delete messages without looking at them because of this while if it simply said "Fireboard" in the subject line that person might look at it just because Fireboard is a project of interest at that time.  People who have skills and can contribute are in demand and their time is limited.  As it stands this scenario is a time waster and simplifying it would also facilitate contributions from these skilled, in-demand individuals.




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