JoomlaCode Registration not working!!!!!!

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JoomlaCode Registration not working!!!!!!

Post by nickCR » Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:13 am

Hello JoomlaCode,

I am having a major problem registering an account at your site.

I have tried 3 times in different browsers with no luck.

Here are the steps I take:

1. I create the account and get the email on every account (I got to this form by clicking "Register new account")

2. I then click the link in the email.

3. I get to the page which ask me to login to validate so I enter my credentials and I get "Could not get user".

I have tried this in IE8 and FireFox 2 and FireFox 3 with no luck.

I created user:

nickCR /
nicholasCR /
nickXrider /

I would like to keep the nickCR account since that is the one I normally use and go by on forums and memberships etc.

I would appreciate very much if someone from JoomlaCode could look into this.

I can also almost most definitely assure you that if this is happening to me, it's like to happen to many others too. The only reason I am actually making this support request is because I desperately need to post on a forum within the JoomlaCode site.



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