Moving Joomla 1.5 & VM from a dev sub-domain

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Moving Joomla 1.5 & VM from a dev sub-domain

Post by dkirk » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:30 pm

I have installed Joomla 1.5 and VirtueMart on a sub-domain to facilitate development of the main Web site without shutting it down or allowing visitors to see the site in development.

Can I expect any problems moving the files of the sub-domain to the main domain or will simply dragging the files to the /public_html folder make the site visible and properly working? Can I expect database issues? Any tips on seamlessly moving the site?

The main domain is currently just HTML files and I plan on deleting all of them once I am ready to move the sub-domain files.

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Re: Moving Joomla 1.5 & VM from a dev sub-domain

Post by member1000 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:12 pm

Finally it is time to throw few "coins" into the social pool for all that I have got from joomla dev. for nothing.

The story here. I jumped into the 1.5beta lake without thinking twice. I realized there are different bugs in the
primary beta version and there also are another bugs in the dev. version being dumped nightly. So the setting here
is ... main site with primary J1.5b and couple of sub domains with test versions. One test version is actually the primary beta2 combined
with latest nightly builds, another nightly builds only and different nightly versions of both. Every version has its own DB defined
but I experiment also by switching the DB´s between the versions.

Now when I finally think a test version running behind seems to be better than the main site currently running
I ONLY rename the http server doc root, so

RENAME /provider_top/main_tree TO BE /provider_top/main_backup
just in case I have to switch back in emergency to the last working version ... and
RENAME /provider_top/test_candidate TO BE /provider_top/main_tree

Then I adjust the absolute tmp in the configuration.php and rename the TestDB to MainsiteDB doing it as admin  in backend.
I have also to mention all versions I test do have the same Jextentions installed.

It´s important to note all trees - main tree, test trees etc - are served by the same http server with the same
php preprocessor vers. and php config setting, which just means the server environment is always the same. Otherwise
different troubles could pop up because you conducted your test in one environment and put it finally into another possibly different operating environment.

Btw. it´s good practice to have a fresh copy of your MainDB saved. There´s very nice component com_sql for save/restore DB, very simple in its usage.



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