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Guidelines for Posting FAQs

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:58 am
by mcsmom
  • This forum is for questions and answers, not suggestions of questions that need to be answered (which should go in suggested faqs) or requests for help (which should go to the appropriate top level forum, such as General or Adminsitration).
  • Faqs should, to the extent possible, be written in simple language understandable to beginning users.
  • Faqs should (with a few exceptions) only link to content on official Joomla! sites (this is to ensure that links remain valid).
  • The title of the faq should be started with FAQ: and should usually be in the the form of a question.
  • The faq should include a list of useful search terms at the bottom.
  • All faqs are subject to editing for accuracy and style.
  • By posting this FAQ, you are giving Joomla! permission to use this information on their websites and that the information submitted is your work and has no restrictions on publication.