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FAQ: What determines my homepage?

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 5:19 pm
by mcsmom
Your "homepage" in a traditional html site--the page that shows when you type for example-- would be the page displaying that is in the index.html file.

Jooma! is a database driven CMS so it does not have html pages, but rather pulls up the pieces of pages from a mysql database.

The "page" that shows when a user navigates to is the page created by clicking on the first link on the Main Menu. The link can be called anything (Home, Bob it does not matter), that is the page that will show.

This menu can be displayed anywhere and can be displayed vertically or horizontally or not at all. The menu does not even need to be published.

When you installl Joomla! by default it has a menu link to the frontpage component as the home page. However, any content or component or other link can be used as the "home" page.