FAQ: Where are the web pages?

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FAQ: Where are the web pages?

Post by mcsmom » Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:25 am

If you are coming from a traditional website made up of separate html pages, you may well wonder where the pages are.

In Joomla! almost everything that you would normally think of as a webpage is actually stored in a mysql database. When you create a new page, your content is stored in a database record, not in a separate file.

Then when your site is viewed, Joomla! calls up different items from your database and puts them together to make what is displayed to the user.

The main exception to this is that your images are usually stored in the images directory.

Your mysql data base usually is created automatically when you install joomla! if you use one of the automated installers, the one which comes with Joomla!, Fantastico or some other way. If you have a control panel on a linux host, you can usually access mysql through a program called phpadmin.

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