Images png and gif dont display, help please

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Images png and gif dont display, help please

Post by eduardo06 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:02 pm

Hello, Im working on a template, so far I got stuck here:
My header looks OK, its got a jpeg pic and I can see it on the preview (I have legacy plug in on, so that I should see the template installed on joomla 1.5.)

On the left side I got a search box with an image next to it (the typical search icon) but I can't see it... I have tried many ways, I even DIV it so I add a border in order to see where the image realy was). Anyways I dont know what could it be, because now I see a little square (the border I mean where the icon should go) but there is no picture, the image is detailed on the template details like

I see the image on jpeg on my header so, could it be a problem with other graphics format??? Any help would be greatly appreciate!!


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