User group levels - suggestion to Joomla

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User group levels - suggestion to Joomla

Post by Kayz » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:54 am

Hi i have a major suggestion to make this feature i am about to suggest would come to anybodys mind by default without having to think. Something like Joomla should have this by default and should be mandatory. When i installed Joomla i thought this particular feature would be available but to my suprise it wasnt.

The administrator should be able to assign different user groups with different user level access capabilities. So if i assign x user to x group then they should only be able to edit the section they are allocated to and not others. Also there should be features such as delete and an edit time so a rougue user dosent go round editing and destroying everything.

I was going to assign some roles to a few people on our CMS website but i am afraid that what if they ruin it if things dont turn out so daisey in the future? A forum called vBulletin has different usergroup levels as to what the users can and cant do which is awesome and gives the administrators plenty of control.

I would strongly strongly suggest Joomla implements a user managment features where different users are allocated to different areas to keep up to date and is only able to add/edit the sections they are responsible for and not others.

I look forward to everybodies replies. 8)

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Re: User group levels - suggestion to Joomla

Post by dhuelsmann » Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:07 am

You are a little late to the party. You might want to read this ... &sk=t&sd=a
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