Can I allow users to install new plugins in a somewhat secure way?

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Can I allow users to install new plugins in a somewhat secure way?

Post by dadane » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:43 pm

I would like to make a community site, - where everybody is administrator more or less.
I trust that they will not [censored] it up deliberately, - and of course I need a backup plan.
So it's not really an issue that they might 'destroy' the page.
Net-graffiti is not an issue either. I believe that if Wiki can work so can my community site.

BUT I need to protect peoples confidential information (I need to register phone numbers, e-mail adresses etc). Is it possible to do this in a secure way? The idea actually is that people should be allowed to see each others information but only through some filters that I set up (and which is basically the only thing which they can't change).

And yes, - I suspect that it will be messy and a new skin for every day for a while, - but also that it will cool down eventually and work out well. At least it's worth trying I think.


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