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htaccess conflict

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 11:08 am
by houser
I have instaled joomla with seo jomsef activation so the file .htaccess is active!
When i try to protect my /sitename/administrator      with .htaccess it gives me this error:404: Not Found
Sorry, but the content you requested could not be found    so i think the Joomla .htaccess from the site root gets in conflict 100% with /administrator/htaccess            if i rename the sitename/.htacce from joomla        the administrator/htacces works but the seo is not working anymore!
So what i can do  to work both ?!
Also i`ve tryed and posted what was in /administrator/htacces in /sitename/htaccess but it protects the entire site and ask me for password and i need that only for /administrator part!