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locked and [solved] topics

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:34 pm
by mandville
In order to tidy up the security forum and prevent resurrecting out of date posts/information we are implementing the following schemes.

[Solved] - When you have successfully resolved you problem, please edit your original post to have [solved] in the title and use the green tick post icon. A moderator can also do it for you if you press the report [!] button.

Locked topics - If after posting advice, there is no follow up post from the original poster, we will lock the post after around 7 days. this will be shown with the
topic locked due to no response from original poster -see
This is to prevent resurrection of old topics & out of date information, useless "me 2"/"+1" & "so was i" posts.

We prefer users to start their own topic and not hijack other topics. A topic can be resurrected by the OP using the report button and asking a moderator to unlock the topic.

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