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Questions regarding jos_core_acl_aro_groups table

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:36 pm
by elbles
Hi all,

First off, I am not much of a developer, nor am I much in the way of a SQL master, but I am currently working on a project at work that utilizes Joomla combined with JACL and quite a few other components and modules. I'm stuck on what should be something fairly trivial, I would imagine, involving the jos_core_acl_aro_groups table. I want to automate the addition of rows to this table (and the others necessary for everything to work properly via JACL, of course), but there are two columns that I just don't understand in this table -- lft and rgt.

I kind of get the idea of left and right, but I have no idea as to their purpose, nor do I understand which values need to be added into rows beyond what are already in the table. I have enabled the debugging mode to see which queries involve those two fields (a join between two instances of the same table???), but I can't make any sense out of what they're doing. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this either, so if someone might have a minute or two to explain the purpose of these two columns, and how to add rows to the table with these columns properly filled out. Thanks, in advance.

-Sean Elble